Reflex expansion vessels
for sealed systems

The central heating system most commonly used in Europe and other parts of the world is a sealed system.

Ease of installation makes it particularly attractive to the installer, as a sealed system alleviates the need to fit, feed and vent tanks in the central heating system.

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They offer:

  • System flexibility - due to component siting alternatives
  • Cost savings - due to considerably reduced installation time
  • No feed and expansion tank - hence avoiding 'pumping over' problems, risk of freezing up etc.
  • Longer life - due to virtual elimination of corrosion problems
  • Noise reduction - due to higher system pressure, boiler noise (localised heating) is significantly reduced or eliminated
  • Low maintenance cost - as equipment is virtually maintenance free, other than for periodic operational checks
  • Water supply (water regulations) G.24.1 and 24.2 compliant filling loop 10
SGS and TUV Certification

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